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Conspiracy against Europe

Declarations of War against Germany 1933 - 2015

World War II > 1939 - 1945

1.) 24. March 1933 > The Jews declare war on Germany
    (in the English newspaper “DAILY EXPRESS”: Judea of declares war on Germany)
2.) 1 September 1939 - Poland
3.) 3 September 1939 - Great Britain
4.) 3 September 1939 - Australia
5.) 3 September 1939 - New Zealand
6.) 3 September 1939 - France
7.) 6 September 1939 - South African union
8.) 10 September 1939 - Canada
- - -
9.) 9 April 1940 - Norway
10.) 9 April 1940 - Denmark
11.) 10. May 1940 - The Netherlands
12.) 10. May 1940 - Belgium
13.) 10. May 1940 - Luxembourg
- - -
14.) 6. April 1941 - Yugoslavia
15.) 6. April 1941 - Greece
16.) 22. June 1941 USSR (Soviet Union)
17.) 9. December 1941 - China (Chungking government)
18.) 9. December 1941 - France (De Gaulle Committee)
19.) 11 December 1941 - The USA (after German declaration of war)
20.) 11 December 1941 - Cuba
21.) 11 December 1941 - Dominican republic
22.) 11 December 1941 - Guatemala
23.) 11 December 1941 - Nicaragua
24.) 11 December 1941 - Haiti
25.) 12. December 1941 - Honduras
26.) 12. December 1941 - El Salvador
27.) 17. December 1941 - Czechoslovakia (government-in-exile retroactively starting from 15. March 1939)
- - -
28.) 19. January 1942 - Panama
29.) 22. May 1942 - Mexico
30.) 30. August 1942 - Brazil
31.) 1. December 1942 - Ethiopia
- - -
32.) 16. January 1943 - Iraq
33.) 7. April 1943 - Bolivia
34.) 9. September 1943 - Iran
35.) 13. October 1943 - Italy (Badoglio government)
36.) 27. November 1943 - Colombia
- - -
37.) 27. January 1944 - Liberia
38.) 21. August 1944 - San Marino
39.) 25. August 1944 - Romania (after fall Antonescus)
40.) 8. September 1944 - Bulgaria
41.) 31. December 1944 - Hungary (Contra government)
- - -
42.) 2. February 1945 - Ecuador
43.) 8. February 1945 - Paraguay
44.) 12. February 1945 - Peru
45.) 15. February 1945 - Uruguay
46.) 16. February 1945 - Venezuela
47.) 26. February 1945 - Egypt
48.) 26. February 1945 - Syria
49.) 27. February 1945 - Lebanon
50.) 28. February 1945 - Saudi Arabia
51.) 1. March 1945 - Turkey
52.) 3. March 1945 - Finland (rear wall. starting from September 15, 1944)
53.) 27. March 1945 - Argentina
- - -
(Source: The large Ploetz, publishing house Ploetz, Freiburg 1991) The publishing house Ploetz conveniently forgot the Jewish declarations of war so I would like to reierate that here. The Jews had already declared war on Germany in March, 1933. That was the first of all declarations of war and the first of all three Jewish ones!

   The constellation of this table shows two facts very clearly, (1) that the German Army of that time was invincible for any army of a single nation whosoever, (2) that the responsibility for the extension of a justified local war to a world war is with the allies.

   In the year 1945 there existed only 60 nations on our globe! Of these 52 had declared war on Germany. Not one of these 52 nations has yet to signed a peace contract (2012). The state of warfare against Germany was thus solidified.

   1948 the UNO (United Nations Organization) was founded by 50 nations. These established the “Enemy State Clause” against Germany, through which a constant policy of blackmail and robbery is exercised against Germany. Compared to the past, there are no longer 50 nations blackmailing Germany – there are now more than 190.

   The allied occupation troops have never left Germany. Until today, Feb. 2015, more than ninety thousand soldiers are stationed and the stationing costs have to be paid by the German tax payers. Alone the US forces maintain more than fifty thousand men at 235 bases. Furthermore, the Allies keep about 100 nuclear missiles aimed at the heads of Germany’s citizens for about 50 years.

   Result: The fight went not against the evil Nazis but against the German people to rob and enslave it for an indefinite time. Germany has no sovereignty at all. German democracy is a masquerade and the acting politicians are nothing but allied slaves and actors.

Supplement - November 2015 — Atomic Policy

In the TV transmission Monitor of the WDR ( from 19 June 2015 was reported that the Allies alone in the town Büchel in the Eifel store 20 atomic bombs. In whole Europe are spread and stored 200 atomic bombs. About the 100 atomic missiles and the well known mobile atomic combat vehicles they said nothing as a precaution.

Wikipedia (( reports about this circle of problems: „The USA and Great Britain stored during the time of the cold war a number of 5000 nuclear weapons in German bunkers, including the Zebra-Packet which was meant for the action within Germany. It is suspected that today in Europe in the frame of the nuclear partnership an estimated number of 480 nuclear weapons are stored, of it 20 on the German air base Büchel.“

The TV transmission Frontal-21 reported on 22 September 2015 about the modernization of the atomic bombs in Büchel. The manuscript contains the following interesting sentences: „Until today the German Tornado-Pilots train regularly with dummies of American atomic bombs. In case of war they should guide these bombs into the target. ‚Nuclear partnership’ this is called in NATO-German, and this in spite of the ban on atomic weapons for German soldiers. The Non Proliferation Treaty and the responsibility regulate clearly: it is forbidden for German soldiers to use atomic weapons. This is suppressed by the ‚Nuclear Partnership’.

This means in clear words that German pilots in the case of war have to drop allied atomic bombs on German cities. Because it is very likely that behind every German pilot is sitting an American pilot threatening to kill the German in case of refusal to obey.

Altogether there are about 500 atomic bombs and missiles plus atomic tools like atomic shells and ammunition for experimental purposes, as it was repeatedly used in diverse American ‚peace deployments’ after 1945.

Because of the observance of secrecy the exact numbers are reserved for the atomic bomb mass murderers, in order to hide that the stupid victims do not realize how the political play is running. The reader should not forget that the political America until today is the only nation which used atomic weapons against human beings. Here I want to remind especially at the cases of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

In the documentation of the German Council of Ethics (, which in its base has even a law of Council of Ethics, I could not find a single hint that this Council of Ethics had occupied itself with the problem of the threat of atomic bombs for Germany. Their main labour seems to be to check the accounts.

But in Vienna there is the big board of control, the IAEA-International Atomic Energy Agency ( They will surely know exactly how many atomic bombs are directed on the European people. Strangely enough my search did not bring any results of atomic bombs in Europe, although their energy was meant for the murder of the European people. What kind of lodge brethren are sitting in that Atomic Energy Agency?
Since the explosion of the nuclear reactor of Tschernobyl anybody knows that a nuclear plant can bring the same destructive power as an atomic bomb. On the internet page of the IAEA I could not find any information about the incident in Tschernobyl although in Europe about 130 nuclear plants are running.

Result: the Christian Allies, in front of them the political class of the USA, plan ahead the genocide of Central Europe. At the beginning was planned to wipe out only the German nation, but in the case of emergency the other European nations have to be debited as a kind of collateral damage. I wonder that those Christian politicians who are responsible for this kind of policy have totally forgotten that all their actions are falling back on them in the future, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, until each evil action is balanced through a good action.


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Source: Geheimpolitik-3 7 November 2015
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