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Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews
Volume One: The False Messiah
By Alan Hart
Paperback: 338 pages
Publisher: Clarity Press (2009)
ISBN-13: 978-0-932863-64-5

Price: $ 21,95



           Page 13/14: „What almost all Arabs and Muslims everywhere do hate is American foreign policy — its double-standards in general and, in particular, its unconditional support for Israel.“ ... „American — American Jews especially — need to know that almost everything they’ve been conditioned to believe about the making and sustaining of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is not true.“

           This is mainly because of the fact that they never read the book  "Adolf Hitler – Founder of Israel“ by H. Kardel.


           Page 24: Mrs. Golda Meir „If ever Israel was in danger of being defeated on the battlefield, it would be prepared to take the region and even the whole world down with it.“

           Page 30: „Zionism’s founders had to lie about their real objective because to achieve it, Zionism had to commit a crime — that of ethnic cleansing.“

           Several times Mr. Hart mentions Jasser Arafat and on page 31 his book „Arafat, Terrorist or Peacemaker?“, but he never mentions the true role of Arafat. Namely, that he was a 33° Mason and after his death was found out that he had a bank account of one billion Dollar at a Jewish bank — result: he was not father Palestine but a Zionist agent and crook.


           Page 81 and 83: „The actual text of what came to be called the Balfour Declaration was a mere 67 words, but they were more than enough to start the Armageddon clock ticking.“ ... „The Zionists needed the Balfour Declaration to conceal the demographic reality of Palestine in order to dispossess the Arabs of Palestine without troubling the conscience of Jews everywhere.“

           The letter of Mr. Balfour was addressed to Lord Rothschild, the one who inherited the plan for World Domination from Cecil Rhodes. Because of the Balfour Declaration the center of Zionism was transferred from Berlin to the City of London.


           Page 90/91: „Where was it that Britain wanted the Zionists to use their influence? In The American Zionist of October 1953 a former President of the Zionist Organization of America, Rabbi Emanuel Neumann, put it this way: ‘Britain, hard pressed in the struggle with Germany, was anxious to gain the whole-hearted support of the Jewish people: in Russia on the one hand and in America on the other’.“ ... „The British faced defeat by November 1917.The Balfour Declaration was issued 2 November 1917.“

           At the same time the German Kaiser choose a Jewish revolutionary with the name of Alexander Helphant (Parvus) as adviser, who was in close contact with Lenin and Trotzky. A typical German stupidity. Another important point from page 98: „T.E.Lawrence: ‘Britain is supporting the Zionists ... because they brought America into the war.“ The robbery of Germany should not be left to other parties!

           Chapter Six — THE HONEST ZIONISTS

           Page 116: „From the beginning in 1897 mainstream Zionism had lied to deceive both Arabs and Jews about its true purpose and the implications of it.“

           Page 123: „In Ralph Schoenman’s account in The Hidden History of Zionism, the Koening Memorandum included this: ‘We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population’.“


           Page 135: „In retrospect there is a case for saying that Baruch was, in effect, one of the two trump cards in Zionism’s hand when it was negotiating with the British for the Balfour Declaration, (the other being its influence in revolutionary Russia).“

           Mr. Hart, you tell something about the important role of Bernard Baruch but you omit the most important thing, namely that he was a 33° Mason and Bnai Brith brother, what gave him the real weight of influence. Five American presidents were creeping in the mud before him.


           On page 162 began the part which was a most interesting one for me as a German born in 1937. He came to the Wannsee-Protocol: „The blueprint for the Final Solution was discussed and approved at a meeting of 15 top Nazis chaired by Heydrich. The date was 20 January 1942. The place was Wannsee, a picturesque suburb of Berlin. The meeting, arranged by Lt. Colonel Adolf Eichmann, took place in a magnificent mansion that had been the home of a German Jew.“

           Mr. Hart, did you ever read the original German protocol? Probably not, because in the Wannsee-Protocol there is not a single sentence about the murder of Jews, no shooting, no gassing, no hanging, no burning, nothing the like. In contradiction to the assertion of the international liars press since meanwhile about 60 years there is something in this protocol which provides a quite different picture of the matter. It reads literally: „Unter entsprechender Leitung sollen im Zuge der Endlösung die Juden in geeigneter Weise im Osten zum Arbeitseinsatz kommen. In großen Kolonnen (Arbeits-), unter Trennung der Geschlechter, werden die arbeitsfähigen Juden straßenbauend in die Gebiete geführt, wobei zweifellos ein Großteil durch natürliche Verminderung ausfallen wird. Der allfällig endlich verbleibende Restbestand wird, da es sich bei diesem zweifellos um den widerstandsfähigsten Teil handelt, entsprechend behandelt werden müssen, da dieser, eine natürliche Auslese darstellend, bei Freilassung als Keimzelle eines neuen jüdischen Aufbaues anzusprechen ist.” Emphasis by D.R.

           „Under the appropriate leadership during the process of the final solution of the Jews, they shall be deployed to the East as laborers in the appropriate manner. In large groups (laborers), by separating the males from the females, those Jews who are fit to work will be employed in road construction in the various regions, where without a doubt the large number will be lost through natural decrease. Those that eventually and finally remain, which obviously represent the most robust part, must be dealt with accordingly, since they represent the natural selection, which after their release can be considered the nucleus of a new Jewish build-up.”

           The last sentence clearly states that the SS-Schutzstaffel intended to let the remaining Jews free, after the work was done, for ‘a new Jewish build-up’. The question remains: What intended Hitler and the SS to build up with a Jewish elite? The answer is: the Jewish state in Israel! Beside other ones the evidence is in the remark of Mr. Nicosia in his book „Hitler and the Zionism“ page 34: „Some of the key documents in the British Public Record Office remain secret, which give evidence of the German activities for the illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine in the years between 1937 and 1940.“ If the number of illegal immigrants is not a few hundred thousand then why the papers remain secret?

           Page 162/163: „There are anti-Semites who deny that the Nazi holocaust happened, either at all or on the scale it actually did. Holocaust denial is something I cannot get my Gentile mind around. It strikes me as evil an a par with the commissioning of the slaughter and the slaughtering itself. ...In terms of the number of Jews slaughtered, and because of the planning and the systemic nature of the slaughtering, what happened in Nazi Europe was the single most terrible act of genocide in all of human history.“

           No Mr. Hart, there are not only anti-Semites who doubt the dimensions of the holocaust but upright people who would like nothing else than to bring the historical truth on the table, according to the Commandment God gave to Mose: You should not lie and cant!

1. Who wiped out the 20 million Indians of America? Hitler and his Gang? No, US citizens!

2. Who supported the criminal Adolf Hitler (he was not even a German) from 1920 until 1945 to bring him to power and to use him as an instrument of Zionism? American and Jewish money! It’s all in the books, to name just a few I used in part one of my ‘Geheimpolitik — Der Fahrplan zur Weltherrschaft“ (Secret Policy — The Schedule for World Domination’): Gary Allen: None Dare Call it Conspiracy, James and Suzanne Pool: Who financed Hitler?, Antony C. Sutton: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Antony C. Sutton: America’s Secret Establishment, and on page 269 you can find the sentence: „The American firms Ford and Opel (GM) produced 90 per cent of all tracked vehicles and 75 per cent of all trucks for the German war industries“. The aim was to rob Germany under all circumstances and bring it into slavery for the next hundred years! 65 years of that slavery have already passed.

3. One of the main backers of Hitler was Henry Ford, a 33° Freemason and Zionist agent, who had the order to bring the anti-Semitism to Europe and especially to Germany to drive the Jews out in favor of the coming new state in Palestine. From his book „The International Jew“ Hitler drew a lot for his own book „Mein Kampf“.

4. You are quite often using the term Nazi-holocaust. Your book appeared in 2009 when the following fact were well known and easy to find in the internet: In 1990 the Polish authorities reduced the number of supposed killed Jews in Auschwitz from four Million to one and a half million. It seems you are an adorer of the new Zionist mathematics, of which I want to give you 2 examples for those readers who are not yet familiar with it:

1.) 4.000.000 Jews minus 2.500.000 Jews = 4.000.000 Jews.

2.) The Jewish population of the world according to the American Jewish Committee:

1939: 15,688,259 minus 1947: 11,266,600 = 6.000.000 Jews.

           Very easy to understand, even for a mathematical dummy. The Pope in Rome too uses this mathematics, in spite of the fact that one thousand two hundred catholic priests had been working in the German concentration camps. Mr. Hart, where are their records? In the Vatican, in the City of London, in the Pentagon or in the Synagogue of Satan?

5. The afore mentioned Zionist mathematics is a matter of course for all scholars and students in Germany because even to doubt the six million number of killed Jews is punished by law with at least one year in prison in Germany and in several other countries of Europe. This law was established by a Jewish Gentleman with the name of Ernst Benda (Ben David) and the law is kept up by the fact that Germany is under the Enemy State Clause of the UN, has no sovereignty because it never got peace contracts by the Allies, the occupation troops never left Germany since 1945 and about one hundred nuclear missiles are directed towards the heads of the German people to keep them quiet and paying. The nuclear missiles are those of the American war criminals, probably not yet Jewish ones, although everything having to do with nuclear weapons is secret for the stupid Germans. The so called International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna never cared for the German case — typical for the lodge brethren. In Germany it is allowed to condemn openly Christ and his Father but never doubt the Zionist mathematics!

           Mr. Hart, in the face of such facts you dare to through mud on the German people. That is really an impertinence.

           Page 171: Who really owns the American government is shown by this citation: „In 1944, Jewish Americans were about three percent or less of the population and were contributing nearly 50 percent of campaign funds. Both Democrats and Republicans were running a pro-Zionist campaign.“ The pure adoration of money and deceit of the voters! Poor America!

           Page 206: „The brutal truth was that from the Zionists, there was not a single word supporting the Stratton Bill which might have provided U.S. visas for the displaced Jews of Europe. The brutal truth was that Zionism regarded them as manpower for a Jewish state in Palestine.“


           Page 211: „When Britain handed the problem of what to do about Palestine to the infant United Nations Organisation, there were two terrorist organisations in the Holy Land — both creatures of Zionism — the Irgun Zvei Leumi (National Military Organisation, NMO), which was founded by Jabotinsky, and Lotiamei Herut Israel (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel). The latter was better known as the Stern Gang. ...

           The document setting out Sterns’s proposal — one of the most amazing and infamous documents in all of human history — was eventually discovered in the files of the German Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Dated 11 January 1941. It was headed PROPOSAL OF THE NATIONAL MILITARY ORGANISATION IRGUN ZVEI LEUMI CONCERNING THE SOLUTION OF THE JEWISH QUESTION IN EUROPE AND THE PARTICIPATION OF THE NMO IN THE WAR ON THE SIDE OF GERMANY.

           This document — it was authentic, not a forgery — said in part the following ‘Co-operation between the new Germany and a renewed voelkish-national Hebrium would be possible and the establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of a maintained and strengthened future German position of power in the Near East’.“ The final judgement of Mr. Hart on page 214: „The offer to make a deal with the Nazis was not taken up, but it was an offer seriously made by deluded people.“

           No, you are bound to error Mr. Hart. Wherefrom came the Jewish soldiers of Hitler (Bryan Mark Rigg: Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers)? And what else happened after the offer was made? The Ghetto Theresienstadt was established in the same year 1941 as a kind of sample development for the new Jewish state in Palestine. Fortunately for Germany the whole story is in the book ‘Theresienstadt 1941-1945' by the Jewish author H.G. Adler who was a inhabitant for the whole time of its existence. According to Hannah Arendt the book is authentic and leaves no doubts about the contents. In fact the book contains the evidence that Hitler was in the hands of the Zionists as I have shown in my study ‘Adolf Hitler – Agent of Zionism’.

           Page 223: „The Haganah and its Palmach strike force were better armed than the Arabs of Palestine. If the Arab states (through the Arab Leageue) had armed the Palestinians to enable them to conduct their own struggle in a serious way. Zionism would not have gotten the upper hand in Palestine.“ How is it possible that the whole UN keeps quiet about the fact that the Palestinian people have to fight with stones against an Israeli army which is equipped with nuclear weapons. That is only possible if all of the representatives of the UN are Freemasons under the control of the Zionists. I feel ashamed that the criminals of the German government are helping to keep up the terror in Israel according to the book ‘Adolf Hitler — Founder of Israel’.


           Page 241: „Zionist terrorism on the ground in the Holy Land was matched by a Zionist campaign of intimidation and threats designed to bend the United Nations to Zionism’s will.“

           That is clearly enough and since the lies are so often repeated I again want to state: it is only possible to oppress 192 members of the United Nations by means of Freemasonry!

           Page 245: „The UN decision in Zionism’s favour would not give the Jewish state legitimacy in the eyes of international law. In effect the new international organization was putting itself above and beyond international law.“ And the USA were the very first to acknowledge that illegal construction!

           Page 251: How did the Zionists and their unquestioning supporters in the U.S. Senate turn a General Assembly majority ‘No’ into a majority ‘Yes’? President Truman was quite frank about Zionist coercion.“

           Page 255: „The partition resolution would not have been approved by the General Assembly if all the member states of the United Nations had been allowed to vote freely.“ See remark for page 241!

           Chaper 12 — FORRESTAL’S >SUICIDE<

           Page 293: „There he (James Forrestal) may have learned something of Zionism’s contribution to bringing America into World War I and the role played by Baruch, President Wilson’s Mr. Mobilization.“ See chapter 7 page 135.

           Page 305: „The Jewish American gentlemen (Bernard Baruch) who, in a sense, had done most to make two world wars possible, was, by definition, a man with influence far greater than that of any other statesman in the conventional meaning of the term.“ See my remark in chapter seven.


A rather interesting book for all those who are interested in learning from the past for the present and the future. Good investigated for America but not for the World as I have shown and easy to read. One has the impression that Mr. Hart is really in sorrow about the fate of America.

           Minus: The book has no alphabetical bibliography. For many readers a glimpse into the bibliography often is decisive for the quality of a book. Mr. Hart omitted several other important parts of Zionism and the most important influence of the Secret Societies in world policy.

           Further reading is necessary to receive a full picture of the problem, for instance: Douglas Reed: The Controversy of Zion, Israel Shamir: Pardes, and my Geheimpolitik — Logen-Politik (Secret Policy — Lodge-Policy) and Wer half Hitler? (Who helped Hitler?). Henry Makow: Illuminati - The Cult that Hijacked the World. Moreover it is necessary to have a look into the Structure of World Domination:

Es gibt keinen größeren Raub, als den Raub der Wahrheit.

There is no bigger robbery than the robbery of the truth.


Wuppertal, January 8, 2010

Dieter Rueggeberg